New Government Information Resources – October 2007

Office of Management and Budget. North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), United States, 2007. PREX 2.6/4:2007 Ready Reference
Maritime Administration. Compilation of Maritime Laws, January 2007.
TD 11.6:M 33/2007
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Emergency Preparedness Atlas-U.S. Nursing Home and Hospital Facilities – Bioterrorism and Other Public Health Emergencies: Tools for Planning and Preparedness. HE 20.6502:H 43/13 Reference
Environmental Protection Agency. Toxic Release Inventory-Made Easy (TRI-ME) Software. (CD-ROM) EP 5.22.2:2007/CD
Environmental Protection Agency. Aquatox. (CD-ROM) EP 1.104:AQ 3/CD/2006
Environmental Protection Agency. After the Storm (DVD) EP 1.104:ST 7/2006/DVD
Bureau of Transportation Statistics. National Transportation Atlas Data Base. (CD-ROM) TD 12.17/2:2007
Bureau of Economic Analysis. REIS-Regional Economic Information System, 1969-2005. (DVD) C 59.24:1969-2005/DVD
U.S. Census Bureau. Census 2000-Special Tabulation on Aging. (DVD)
C 3.281/2:V 1-D 90-TABS-08-STP 9
U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS). U.S. Library Data Archive. (CD-ROM) Y 3.L 61:15/L 62/CD
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Ocean Explorer-Learning Ocean Science through Ocean Exploration. (DVD) C 55.54:EX 7/2007/DVD
U.S. Geological Survey. The World Coal Quality Inventory:South America. (CD-ROM)
I 19.76:2006-1241
U.S. Geological Survey. Natural-Color Image Mosaics of Afghanistan:Digital Databases and Maps. (DVD) I 19.121:245/DISC.1-3/DVD
U.S. Geological Survey. District Maps of the 110th Congress. (CD-ROM)
I 19.120:C 76/4/CD
National Highway Tarffic Safety Commission (NHTSC). National EMS Scope of Practice Model. (CD-ROM) TD 8.64:EM 3/CD
Bureau of Justice Assistance. New Realities-Law Enforcement in the Post-9/11 Era.
J 26.35:L 41/CD

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