125th Anniversary

D 114.13:OF 2  Center of Military History.  The Noncommissioned Officer Images of an Army in Action.  Guide + 18 posters 
HE 20.3606:D 81  National Library of Medicine.  Dream Anatomy. 
HE 20.7009:30/21  Pneumocystis Pneumonia-Los Angeles – Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), v. 30,no.21 (1981:Jun 5), p. 250-252. First AIDS cases in U.S.
PR 33.702:AT 7 President of the United States (Truman).  Medical Aspects of Atomic Weapons.  
PR 33.702:AT 7/4  President of the United States (Truman).  Survival Under Atomic Attack.
SI 1.7:   Smithsonian Institutions.  World Weather Records (part of Smithsonian Misc. Collections)
W 1.20:A 6/1  United States Army.  Records of the World War – Field Orders 2nd Army Corps. 
W 2.2:M 59/2  United States Army.  Epitome of Upton’s Military Policy. 
W 2.6:Sa 1/3  United States Army.  Saber Exercise – United States Army. 
W 44.2:D 36 War Department.  Defects Found in Drafted Men – Statistical Information.
W 44.2:  War Department. Office of the Surgeon General. Bulletins.
5 –  Mental Disease and Defect in United States Troops
7 – Studies in Roentgen-Ray Diagnosis, with especial reference to the Gastro-intestional tract
8 –  The Prevalence of Syphilis in the Army
9 – Gunshot Roentgenograms
11 – Physical Examination of the First Million Draft Recruits: methods and results
Y 1.1/2:Serial 14909  United States Congress.  Glenn Brown’s History of the United States Capitol.  Annotated edition. Rare Books has original
Y 4.IN 8/12:M 58/pt. 1-10  House Select Committee to Investigate the Interstate Migration of destitute Citizens.  Interstate Migration.
Y 4.J 89/2:H 33 Clement F. Haynesworth, Jr (nomination to be Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the US). Hearing – Senate Committee on the Judiciary.

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