New items of interest – October 2013

Cyber Security

House Committee on the Judiciary.
Investigating and Prosecuting 21st Century Cyber Threats.
Y 4.J 89/1:113-14


House Committee on Energy and Commerce.
Examining the Current State of Cosmetics.
Y 4.C 73/8:112-132


House Committee on Education and the Workforce.
Reviving Our Economy: The Role of Higher Education in Job Growth and Development.
Y 4.ED 8/1:113-11

House Committee on Education and the Workforce.
Keeping College Within Reach: The Role of Federal Student Aid Programs.
Y 4.ED 8/1:113-14


House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.
Assessing the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Wind Energy Incentives.
Y 4.SCI 2:113-18

Foreign Affairs

House Committee on Foreign Affairs.
Nuclear Iran Prevention Act of 2013.
Y 4.F 76/1:113-27

House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.
Benghazi Exposing Failure and Recognizing Courage.
Y 4.G 74/7:113-30

Health Care

House Committee on Ways and Means.
Hearing on Implementation of Health Insurance Exchanges and Related Provisions.
Y 4.W 36:112-HL 14

Invasive Species

United States Department of Agriculture.
Feral Swine: Damage and Disease Threats.
A 1.68:2086/2013

Mental Health

House Committee on Armed Services.
Mental Health Insurance.
Y 4.AR 5/2 A:2013-2014/24

Military Affairs

Armed Forces research Institute of Medical Sciences.
The Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences, 1960-2010: A 50th Anniversary Photographic History.
D 104.2:AR 5

House Committee on Armed Services.
Update on Military Suicide Prevention Programs.
Y 4.AR 5/2 A:2013-2014/23

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