Promoting Your Federal Depository Library Collectons

Government Publishing Office (GPO) has several resources on its FDLP desktop to help you promote your depository library collection.  These resources include:

Federal Depository Library Program Guide to Social Media

FDLP Promotional Materials for Your Depository Library

Marketing Ideas to Help You Promote Your FDLP Library

GPO Provides resources to market you FDLP in the digital space:

The FDLP Digital Marketing Toolkit

Anniversaries are excellent time to market your collections and servives –

A short word on promotion. ┬áPromotion does not have to be a big event. Remember the goal is to promote your collections and connect them to your users. ┬áMaking a connection with an “opinion leader” can be all the difference. A key part of this is to know your audience, what interests them and what you you have to make the connection.

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