Hollings and the Exploration of Space

Shuttle Discovery

Photo of the Space Shuttle Discovery, Sept 22, 1993, inscribed to Senator Hollings by Commander Frank L. Culbertson Jr., a South Carolinian

On August 21, Columbia will be one of the lucky destinations in the direct path of the total solar eclipse.  At SCPC, we’re joining in celebration with our colleagues at the University of South Carolina to bring you a new exhibit, “Fritz Hollings and the Exploration of Space.”
The exhibit features stellar selections from our Ernest F. Hollings collection including photographs from the Southern Governors’ Conference visit to Cape Canaveral on the eve of Mercury-Atlas 8’s launch (1962), a US flag patch flown aboard the Orbiter Discovery (1988), letters from enthusiastic supporters of NASA’s space program, and records relating to the investigations of the Challenger (1986) and Columbia (2003) tragedies.
“Hollings and the Exploration of Space” will be on display in the Brittain Gallery (Hollings Library, Main Floor) Aug 16 – Oct 31.
Check out the exhibit and Tweet us your feedback! @UofSC_SCPC #HollingsInSpace

Cape Canaveral

Attendees of the Southern Governors’ Conference on the launch viewing stand at Cape Canaveral, 1962

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