Reprocessing and Digitizing the William D. Workman, Jr. Papers Photographs: Happy New Year!


Two small children and a woman, all in winter dress, stand in front of a tree. The ground is covered in snow. A goose or duck is seen walking through the foreground. Charleston harbor or a beach appears to be visible in the background.

Heber Rhea “Tommie” Workman and children, 1940s

The first three months of our NHPRC-funded grant project, Reprocessing and Digitizing the William D. Workman, Jr. Papers Photographs, have been highly productive. As a result of Mae’s diligent and efficient work, the project is more than a month ahead of schedule. That makes the New Year a happy one for this project director.
As Mae wrote in her last blog post, she has finished reorganizing over 3,000 photographs and moved them into better storage enclosures. She has also added a lot of topical information about the photos to the finding aid, which will make it easier for users to locate relevant images in the collection. During the first part of January, we’ll finalize these changes and update the finding aid and other collection access points.
January also marks the start of the project’s next phase:  creation of a digital collection of the images. Mae will scan photos, enter metadata, and prepare a digital collection webpage. After we start uploading images, we will invite people to add information about them in the digital collection’s comments section. This will be SCPC’s first time crowd-sourcing information about collection materials. We are interested to see how it goes.
Top to bottom: black-and-white illustration of eagle statue, text: "National Archives," divider, text: "National Historical Publications and Records Commission."By the time this project concludes in August 2018, the Workman Papers photographs will be easier to use than ever before. We are grateful for the National Historical Publications & Records Commission’s support in making this rich trove of materials easier for scholars, students, and other users to engage with, whether they’re in our reading room or their living rooms. (Speaking of the reading room, the Hollings Library will reopen at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, January 2.)
Happy New Year!

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