detail of ada clare letter

Ada Clare Papers, 1841-1864

South Caroliniana Library

Ada Clare (1836-1874) was the pseudonym and later legal name of Jane McElhenney, a journalist, writer, actress, poet, and feminist, of Charleston, S.C., and New York, N.Y.; nicknamed “The Queen of Bohemia,” she changed name from McElhenney to Ada Clare in 1857; author of book, Only a Woman’s Heart (published 1866); daughter of James McElhenney and Joanna Caroline Wilson McElhenney; wife of J. Franklin Noyes; mother of Aubrey (Clare) Noyes (1859-c.1868), who was the son of pianist Louis Moreau Gottschalk (1829-1869).

This collection is a collaborative effort between the University of South Carolina’s South Carolinana Library and Lehigh University and includes correspondence and business records.

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