Edwin E. Gordon Papers

Music Library

Edwin E. Gordon is internationally known as a preeminent researcher, teacher, author, editor, and lecturer in the field of music education. Gordon and his work have been portrayed on the NBC Today Show, in the New York Times, in USA Today, and in a variety of European and Asian publications. Through extensive research in music education and the psychology of music, dating back to the early 1960’s, Gordon has made major contributions in the study of music aptitudes, audiation, music learning theory, tonal and rhythm patterns, and music development in infants and very young children. Gordon is the author of nine standardized music tests, as well as numerous books, articles, and research monographs. Since 1997, following his retirement as the Carl E. Seashore Professor of Research in Music Education at Temple University, he has been in residence at the University of South Carolina. Located in the Thomas Cooper Library at the University of South Carolina, the Edwin E. Gordon Archive houses all of Gordon’s publications, journals, manuscripts, the dissertations he supervised, and video and audio cassette recordings of various workshops and seminars. Among the personal items are his college diplomas, various honors and awards, his University of Iowa doctoral dissertation, as well as one of his many wooden sculptures.

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