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This collection contains Bible records for a number of South Carolina families. They date from the late 1700s to the late 1900s. The Bible records contain information on births, marriages, deaths, and other notable events that occurred within the families.

This digitization project was made possible by the Public History internship (HIST 480) held by Travis Byrd (B.A. Public History, 2014). Byrd scanned the items on the Zeutschel scanner and created metadata following Dublin Core Metadata Best Practices. This work could not have been done without the help of Henry Fulmer of South Caroliniana Library and Tony Branch, systems administrator for the CONTENTdm database.


Historically, family Bible records have been an important source for vital statistics, supplementing the centralized recording of vital statistics which did not begin in South Carolina until the early twentieth century. These records contain birth, marriage, and death dates and sometimes other personal and family information.

Over the years, the South Caroliniana Library has acquired originals, photocopies, and occasion transcriptions of many South Carolina related Bible records. Please note that poor quality originals may result in illegible images and that photocopies were not always produced under optimal conditions.

How to Have Your Family Bible Records Placed in the Manuscripts Collection

Family Bible records represent an extremely valuable source of information for the researcher. As a result, the South Caroliniana Library actively seeks copies of privately held Bible records related to South Carolina residents.

If you can bring your original Bible to the library, the staff will make arrangements to copy the family information for the collection at no charge.

If you cannot visit the library, please make good quality photocopies of the title page of the Bible showing the date of publication, and any pages which record dates of births, marriages, deaths or other important family information. Send the copies you make along with information about the South Carolina counties of residence of the families shown in the record to:

South Caroliniana Library
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208

If You Wish to Donate a Family Bible to the South Caroliniana Library

Please contact:
Henry G. Fulmer
Curator of Manuscripts
South Caroliniana Library
Columbia, SC 29208

Contributions of Digitized Family Bible Records

We also accept digital scans of family Bible records. Records may be burned to a disc or emailed as attachments to Henry Fulmer ( in 15-20 MB increments. Ideal digital specifications would include black and white, grayscale or color, 300 – 600 ppi, JPEG or TIFF.

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