Heyward Album

South Caroliniana Library, South Caroliniana Library

This Civil War-era photograph album contains cartes-de-visite photographs of members of the S. C. Secession Convention, Confederate and U.S. Governments, officers of the Confederate and U.S. Armies, S.C. governors, and officers of the South Carolina Volunteers 1st Regiment of Rifles. It also includes unidentified Heyward family and friends and 19th century pictures.

Notable South Carolinians include: Governors Francis W. Pickens, James H. Adams, John P. Richardson, and John H. Means; and members of the Secession Convention, David F. Jamison, William F. DeSaussure, Robert Barnwell Rhett, Lawrence Keitt, William Porcher Miles, John S. Preston, and John Townsend.

Some Confederate officers portrayed are: Generals P.G.T. Beauregard, Barnard E. Bee, Roswell S. Ripley, John C. Breckinridge, and Braxton Bragg; and officers Johnson Hagood, Samuel McGowan, James L. Orr, Robert W. Gibbs, and Ambrosio Gonzales.

Many photographs were taken by Quinby & Co. of Charleston, S.C. This album was donated to the South Caroliniana Library by Katherine Bayard Heyward and Duncan Heyward.

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