Oliver Hart Papers, 1741-1961

South Caroliniana Library

The papers of the Reverend Oliver Hart (1723-1795) span the years 1741 to 1795 and include correspondence, diaries, and sermon notes from colonial and Revolutionary periods in Charleston, S.C. The bulk of the correspondence is from Oliver Hart to his brother, Colonel Joseph Hart of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, relaying news from South Carolina during the Revolutionary War. Ten volumes of diaries and journals detail diverse activities in Hart’s life. Topics discussed include a storm in Charleston harbor in 1761, travels in Virginia and North Carolina, and his tour of the South Carolina upcountry during the initial months of the American Revolution with William Henry Drayton (1742-1779) and Congregational minister William Tennent III (1740–1777), and later officiated at the latter’s funeral. Throughout his journals, Hart always notes the weather and from what verse he preached a particular sermon.

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