Travel Journal and Album of Collected Papers of William Tennent III, 1740-1777

South Caroliniana Library

Diary, 2 August – 15 September 1775, of Tennent’s trek though the S.C. back-country, at times in the company of William Henry Drayton and Rev. Oliver Hart in an effort to persuade Loyalist “Tories” to join the Patriot cause. Entries discuss meeting Catawba and Cherokee Indians, difficulties of frontier lodging and travel including bed bugs, hot sun, heavy rains, and high water; visits to militia camps; concerns over committing treason; and securing support for the rebellion against Great Britain.

Papers documenting Tennent’s life as a Presbyterian minister in the Colonies of New Jersey and Connecticut, the courtship of his wife despite her mother’s objections, and his 1772 arrival in Charleston, S.C., to serve the Independent or Congregational Church. Later papers reflecting his political activism include essay cautioning women against the evils of drinking tea, first-person accounts of Charleston in the age of Revolution, and speech delivered in the S.C. General Assembly that argued for the disestablishment of the Anglican Church.

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