Inscribed Copies

One of the most remarkable things about the Anne Hardin Collection are the numerous inscriptions from Bradbury and others. With a doodle of a rocket ship, a short message, or by altering a few words of a title the full force of Bradbury’s personality comes alive. Bradbury playfulness and sense of humor come through in things like a note to Anne joking about a new Italian edition of his work that uses a photo from the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still as its cover, or a dandelion drawn in marker in Dandelion Wine.

Many of the notes are to Anne Hardin, but many are to others in Bradbury’s orbit. In the first edition of The Martian Chronicle, Bradbury left a tender note to his wife, the book’s dedicatee, but you will also find a set of Robert Goddard air mail stamps and newspaper clippings with advertisements and reviews for the book. A copy of Something Wicked This Way Comes contains an inscription to actor and dancer Gene Kelly and his wife and choreographer Jeanne Coyne.