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University of South Carolina Center for Civil Rights History and Research


A variety of digital collections were assessed by the University of South Carolina’s Center for Civil Rights History and Research, in consideration for this digital exhibition. The items found in our image galleries are comprised of letters, photographs, flyers, receipts, oral histories, films, and newspaper articles. These items were curated from the following collections from University of South Carolina Libraries.

Broadsides from the colonial era to the present

Broadsides advertising events, products, articles, and plays.


Civil Rights Films from USC’s Moving Image Research Collections

MIRC and The Center for Civil Rights History and Research provide stories of the ongoing struggle for equality and social justice in South Carolina.


Eugene Avery Adams Papers, 1892-1968

Eugene Avery Adams (1886-1958) was a minister in the African American Episcopal Church and a leader in the fields of education, civil rights, and business.



Fritz hollings: in his own words

A collection of Senator Hollings’ writings, speeches, photographs, and audio files from his days as Lt. Governor, Governor, and U.S. Senator.


Isaiah DeQuincey Newman (1911-1985), Papers, 1929-2003

Isaiah DeQuincey Newman was a Methodist pastor, activist, entrepreneur, and a leading figure in the Civil Rights movement in South Carolina.


John Henry McCray papers, 1929-1989

This collection of manuscripts and photographs documents the life and work of journalist and politician John H. McCray (1910-1987).


Joseph A. De Laine Papers ca. 1918 – 2000

A collection of civil rights activist Joseph Armstrong De Laine’s  letters, speeches, reports, and affidavits, as well as programs, booklets, and photographs.


Marian Bruce Logan Collection of Civil Rights Activism, 1945-1989

Cabaret singer, friend to Coretta Scott King, and civil rights activist, Logan was appointed the Human Rights Commissioner of New York City in 1977.


Modjeska Monteith Simkins Papers, 1909-1992

Activist Modjeska Simkins of Columbia, S.C. served as the South Carolina State Secretary for the NAACP, 1941-1957 and she also helped found the Victory Savings Bank of Columbia.


Modjeska Monteith Simkins: In Her Own Words

As a voice of African American leadership in the South, Simkins was routinely asked to use her influence in political campaigns. These are her letters, reports, and broadcasts.


Richard Theodore Greener Papers, 1876-1919

Graduating from Harvard in 1870, Greener was the first and only African American member of the faculty at the University of South Carolina until 1877.


Robert McNair: In His Own Words

Over 20 years in South Carolina politics, Robert McNair carefully guided the Palmetto State through the turbulent 1960s.


Tom Crosby, Rosenwald Schools of South Carolina, oral histories

Cosby’s oral histories document his career as he worked as a leader in historically Black colleges in South Carolina.

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University Libraries provides access to its collections as an unaltered, historical record. Some collection materials include images or words that are offensive. We do not support or condone these harmful ideas, and we embrace a culture that prioritizes diversity and inclusion. We make these items available because they are critically important resources for education and research, while acknowledging their impact on various peoples and groups.