Cathy Banner

Interviewee: Cathy Banner
IWY 044

Interviewer: Lyn Goldfarb
Date: November 1977

Cathy Banner attended the National Women’s Conference as an observer, and also produced the ERA America Benefit as an official function during the conference. She attended the conference as part of her paid position, but also to support equal rights for women. Interview includes discussion of: the “Don’t Drink Coors” campaign; how the conference lived up to her expectations; her parents’ role in supporting her independence; and her support of the ERA.

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Lyn Goldfarb: What is your name?

Cathy Banner: Cathy Banner.

LG: And why are you here today?

CB: Well, I had an official function yesterday, I was producing the ERA America Benefit, and I’m here at the Convention as an observer.

LG: Uh-huh. I notice that you have a “Don’t Drink Coors” button on. Can you tell me why you have that or?

CB: Because I support the boycott of Coors Beer, mainly on the basis of that corporation’s involvement in denying women’s equal rights and opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment.

LG: Uh-huh. Are you a union member?

CB: No.

LG: Okay. What motivated you to come to the Conference and get involved in this?

CB: Money. (Laughter) I was hired, I have a client that I was hired to produce a fundraiser for.

LG: Uh-huh. So you came more in that capacity then?

CB: I came in support of equal rights for all women.

LG: Uh-huh. Okay. What do you expect, did the Conference meet up to your expectations?

CB: So far everything’s surpassed my expectations.

LG: Um-hum. Do you consider yourself a feminist?

CB: Yes.

LG: At what point could you say that you really began to feel that way and –

CB: Probably when I was in college.

LG: Was there a particular event or incident that really made you –

CB: No, I think my parents always encouraged me to be independent and think for myself, and that I thought that denial of women’s rights and discriminating against women was wrong.

LG: Um-hum. Okay. One last question, what are you going to do after this Conference? Are you going to be, is it motivating you to do anything, take any kind of –

CB: I’m going to have a renewed interest to pass the Equal Rights Amendment.

LG: Okay, great. Thank you.

End of Interview.