Lucy Gonzalez

Interviewee: Lucy R. Gonzalez
IWY 200
Interviewer: Marie Heyda
Date: November 18-21, 1977

In this short interview, Lucy R. Gonzalez discussed her excitement about the National Women’s Conference and her belief that it is a historic event. Gonzalez was a military wife representing the Filipino women of San Diego. Gonzalez worked with Filipino communities in California and Hawaii. Other issues important to Gonzalez included older women’s rights and opportunities and the inclusion of Pacific Islanders in the minority report of the conference.

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Lucy R. Gonzalez: My name is Lucy R. Gonzalez. I represent the Filipino women in San Diego. I’m very much excited. I think that this whole Convention is exciting, educational, and historical. I have worked with the Filipinos in our community in Hawaii and other areas because I am a military wife. My concerns or what brought me here is also because of my input in our county human relations advisory board. I was appointed by a supervisor Hitchcock and also as liaison to the area agency on agency. I believe that in the motto it’s nifty over 50, I am 46 and I wanna make sure that all women will see that that comes true. More especially I am also included on the minority advisor council with Channel 10 and my input on this Conference is the inclusion of Pacific Islanders in the Asian minority report, and also the concerns of Filipino or Asian wives of servicemen.

As a charter member of the Fleet Reserve Association, Branch 46, I feel that it’s very important to be involved in this historical event. Thank you.

End of Interview