Lydia Cruz

Interviewee: Lydia Cruz
IWY 292
Interviewer: Marie Heyda
Date: November 18-21, 1977

Lydia Cruz, a Puerto Rican woman living in New Jersey for 25 years, attended the conference as a delegate and was in full support of the IWY planks. Interview includes discussion of the discrimination Cruz experienced since arriving in the United States, including economic discrimination; Cruz’s experience as a committeewoman; and Puerto Ricans running for office in New Jersey.

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Lydia Cruz: (Unintelligible at 0:02) For me has been a great pleasure to be a delegate for the conference of women here in Texas. It really, you know, like the plan, the proposed plan, even though I understand it’s a long way to go. I agreed totally with the whole plan because what’s my thinking for all my years as I – the fact that I came here and I cast a vote for the plan has been a great pleasure.

Marie Heyda: Yeah. Now you are Puerto Rican but you live in New Jersey, as does Lucy?

LC: Yes, but I live in New Jersey for 25 years.

MH: Oh yes. Have you felt discrimination because of being Puerto Rican and because you’re a woman very much?

LC: Very hard, got under my skin.

MH: Um-hum. Really hurts, doesn’t it?

LC: That’s right.

MH: And it hurts economically, too.

LC: That’s right.

MH: The good jobs, they want you to take a lower wage scale.

LC: Yes. Like I say that is the long way I understand because it’s only a proposed plan and I know that, how the Congress keep it back and forth, but at least it’s a beginning and a step, and I will be watching. But politically that, this plan be implemented.

MH: Um-hum. You think you can influence the New Jersey state government much?

LC: Very much so because I’m very involved in politics.

MH: Oh good, good for you! How are you involved in politics?

LC: I do, be involved in registration complaints –

MH: In the political party –

LC: – yeah, in the political party that I belong.

MH: Uh-huh. Do you run for office?

LC: I was very low, I was a committeewoman once.

MH: Are some Puerto Ricans running for office in New Jersey?

LC: Yes. Yes, they have been.

MH: Yeah, well thank you very much, Lydia.

End of Interview