Annie Mitchell

Interviewee: Annie Mitchell
IWY SC 664

Interviewer: Elaine Paul
Date: June 10-11, 1977

Annie Mitchell of Beaufort, South Carolina attended the IWY conference to find out more about women’s issues and the women’s movement. Mitchell was a cosmetologist. This was her first experience attending a women’s conference. Mitchell was interested in women in business and women’s legal rights.  Mitchell hoped to attend as many workshops as possible.

Sound Recording 


Elaine Paul: This is Elaine Paul. Testing at the International Women’s Year in Columbia, South Carolina. June 10, 1976.

Elaine Paul: What is your name please?

Annie Mitchell: Annie Mitchell.

EP: Annie Mitchell. And you’re from?

AM: Beaufort, South Carolina.

EP: Beaufort, South Carolina. And why did you really come?

AM: Well, I came to find out what’s going on among women. (Laughter) This is my first trip to something like this, so I really don’t know what’s happening. But, I’m willing to find out.

EP: And what are you hoping for?

AM: I’m hoping for something good to become of women, especially women in business. Women in, I don’t know, just women, you know?

EP: What are the needs of women that you feel most acutely? What needs do you think we should address here? What problems?

AM: Well…

EP: You say “women in business.”

AM: Yeah, women in business, so…

EP: What are the problems of women in business that you’d like to address?

AM: Well, women in business. Some women don’t know how to run a business.

EP: Mmhm.

AM: And I think there’s a lot you can learn about a business.

EP: Do you work in a business?

AM: Yes, I’m a cosmetologist.

EP: Oh, and you know a great deal about business.

AM: Yes, yes, I do.

EP: And how long have you been doing this? All your life?

AM: Twenty-nine years. (Laughter)

EP: And you really feel that things are looking up?

AM: Yes, beautifully.

EP: And how did you find out about this?

AM: Through a friend of mine. Her name is Vivian Peter.

EP: Mmhm. Did she come also?

AM: Yes, she’s here.

EP: And is the meeting up to your expectation?

AM: Well, I haven’t been in a meeting. I been out to the Governor’s Mansion yesterday and kind of rubbed my car up against a bus over there, and I had to take it over to the Buick place and that’s where I spent my day trying to get my car fixed.


EP: Not a very good way to start.

AM: That’s right.

EP: Well that old superstition about a bad beginning, you know, maybe that’s true.

AM: Yeah, might have a good ending.

EP: Alright, let’s see. You said you’re hoping that something will come out of here that will improve the lot of business women.

AM: Mmhm, right.

EP: Which of the workshops do you plan to go to? The legal one?

AM: Yes, I think so. I would like to get to all of them, if it’s possible.

EP: So would I.

AM: Yeah, I mean, being new, this is the only way you’re going to learn anything if you get into all of them. Tomorrow, I hoping to go to everything that I possibly can.

EP: And you haven’t been able to get into any of the meetings, so you can’t tell me how you feel about what’s been accomplished today.

AM: No, I can’t.

EP: Well, I certainly do thank you very much for this.

AM: Mmhm, you’re welcome.

EP: It’s a great help to get your opinion on how things are going.

End of Interview