Catherine Brisbon

Interviewee: Catherine Brisbon
IWY SC 567  

Interviewer: Elaine Mayo Paul
Date: June 10-11, 1977

Catherine Brisbon, of Bishopville, South Carolina, a widow and mother of ten children, worked with kindergarten-aged children. She attended the meeting to find out more about the women’s movement and the IWY conferences. The interview includes discussion of her positive assessment of the conference so far and how the speakers inspired her to keep working and not retire.

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Elaine Paul: Would you tell me your name, please?

Catherine Brisbon: My name is Catherine Brisbon.

EP: And you come from Bishopville?

CB: Bishopville, South Carolina.

EP: And what was your purpose in coming?

CB: Of this meeting?

EP: Um-hm.

CB: Well, when I came I didn’t know exactly what it was about, you know? But after I got here then I found out the movement, you know, and I really enjoyed it. And if I have to go again I’ll know what’s happening, you know, more than I do now. And I, everything been so nice, the food and everybody here been so nice, the hotel is fine.

EP: How do you think the Conference is going?

CB: Well, it’s going very nice and I’m enjoying it, every speaker.

EP: What do you think the end result will be? How do you feel that this is changing –

CB: That will be another one.

EP: You want another one?

CB: Yeah.

EP: What can you take back to your community?

CB: Well, I can tell what women could do for their self.


EP: That’s exactly what we want.

CB: What a woman could really do to help theyself, not depending on – well I had 10 kids and I’m a widow for 22 years.

EP: So you have found out.

CB: Right! That I could’ve done, right, more, little bit better than what I did do! Really!

EP: There’s going to be a change, right?

CB: Right! I am, I got something to live, it give me something more to live upon that I really can go on.

EP: I think that is a very fine message.

CB: I really had given me, that last speaker really give me something to go on, and I’m going to look forward. You know, I was about beginning to say I was gonna retire, something like that. I’ll never.

EP: Well good for you.

CB: I’ll never retire!

EP: Good for you.

CB: And depend on nobody. I really enjoy my work anyway, I work with kindergarteners. And I know, I think it’s great what we can do for ourselves if we try.

EP: Beautiful. That is very well put. Well, I thank you very –

End of Interview