Dolores Melfi

Interviewee: Dolores Melfi
IWY SC 643  

Interviewer: Rachael Myers
Date: June 10-11, 1977

Dolores Melfi, of Somerville, South Carolina, was concerned about social changes and the family. She was also interested in working internationally and learning more about international issues. Melfi planned to attend the international interdependence and political leadership workshops. She worked a seasonal position, but did not specify in which industry.

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Rachael Myers:         What is your name?

Dolores Melfi:            Dolores Melfi.

RM:    And where are you from, and your address, please?

DM:    I’m from Somerville, South Carolina, and I’ve got two main concerns.  One is in the area of family, social changes which are taking place in the breakdown of the family life, which I am a very strong proponent of.  And the other thing is I’m just interested in getting into international work.

RM:    Is this the first convention of this sort that you’ve ever been to?

DM:    For the IWY, yes it is.

RM:    You’ve been to other conventions dealing with women’s issues?

DM:    Not necessarily specifically that.  I’ve been with many conventions with women working in that area, but in other fields of environmental and, oh, beautification, community improvement and many things like that, that women were the strongest leaders in the organization.

RM:    Can you expand a little bit on the international aspects that you’re interested in?

DM:    I would like to get to know the conditions of the world better.  I would like to be able to have input after I have made observations, and be more informed about what is going on I guess is what I should say, and I need to have an access to this type of information so that I can give a reliable decision on anything I say or do.

RM:    Do you expect to gain this information, possibly some of this information at this conference?

DM:    I have already gained quite a bit just from reading their manual.

RM:    Will you be attending any of the workshops?

DM:    Yes, international interdependency this morning, and this afternoon with political leadership in leadership positions.

RM:    Do you have any feelings about this conference in general on the national level as it’s broken down to the fifty states?  What do you feel might be the outcome of these conventions?

DM:    I think it’s going to be a better awareness of the women of the United States as to what is going on with things that affect their lives and their lifestyles.

RM:    Okay, anything else you’d like to add for the record?

DM:    No.  I’m enjoying it, and I’m also quite excited about it.

RM:    Are you a working woman?

DM:    Semi, I have a part time job that I do in the fall and winter time.

RM:    Okay, thank you very much.

End of Interview