Helen Lybrand

Interviewee: Helen Lybrand
IWY SC 633

Interviewer: Kathie J. Carter
Date: June 10-11, 1977

Helen Lybrand, of Columbia, South Carolina, attended the state IWY conference because of her interest in women’s issues and, in particular, older women’s concerns. Interview includes discussion of how she learned about women’s issues through outlets like the newspaper and radio. She hoped the conference would lead to better understanding between women.

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Kathie J. Carter: First of all I’d like your name.

Helen Lybrand: Helen Lybrand, 3022 Canterbury Drive, Columbia.

KC: Helen, what’s your last name?

HL: Lybrand.

KC: Library?

HL: Lybrand.

KC: How do you spell that?

HL: L-Y-B-R-A-N-D.

KC: Oh, I see. I’ve never heard that name before. What brought you to this meeting today?

HL: Oh, I’m interested in all of the proceedings that’s going on. Interested in everything that’s going on down here.

KC: What’s causing the interest?

HL: Well, my goodness, what’s causing everybody else’s interest; the same thing that’s causing everybody else’s interest is causing my interest. I’m interested in women in South Carolina.

KC: What particular things about women in South Carolina are your particular concerns?

HL: Well, probably the older women, you know.

KC: The older women?

HL: Um-hum. Mainly.

KC: Mainly? Have you had any things that have brought this problem to your attention lately or?

HL: Not particularly, I’ve just been reading a lot.

KC: Been doing what?

HL: Just been reading a lot, you know.

KC: How did you find out about the meeting?

HL: Well, it’s in the papers, it’s been on the radio, it’s been in a lotta places.

KC: Are you with any organization?

HL: No.

KC: You’re not? What do you hope will come out of these meetings for women?

HL: Well, I don’t really know. I’m just, I’m just interested and I don’t really know what’s coming out of it.

KC: What do you hope will come out of it?

HL: Probably a better understanding for all women.

KC: Better understanding between women?

HL: Um-hum.

KC: Okay, do you have anything else you’d like to put on here for the record?

HL: No, thank you.

End of Interview