Joy Wiggins

Interviewee: Joy Wiggins
IWY SC 693

Interviewer: Louise Pettus
Date: June 10-11, 1977

Joy Wiggins, of Goose Creek, South Carolina, was a senior at Bob Jones University who hoped to learn more about politics and current issues by attending the IWY conference. Interview includes her positive assessment of the conference and discussion of her belief that the conference would have a lasting impact on South Carolina. Wiggins observed that there was a sense of unity at the conference.

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Louise Pettus: …and where you come from, a little about yourself…

Joy Wiggins: My name is Joy Wiggins and I’m from Goose Creek, South Carolina, and I’m presently a student at Bob Jones University, in Greenville, I’ll be a senior this fall. I’m unemployed at the moment (laughter). Okay…

LP: Why did you come?

JW: I came because I don’t feel I’m involved enough in politics. I think a person, in order to say—make comments about their government, they should know something about the issues, and they should vote and take part, or else they don’t have any right to criticize the government. And I want to learn the issues so I can make intelligent choices.

LP: Beautifully put… and you say you’re from Bob Jones. And you came so that you would have more insight into what’s going on, and it will help you in your political choices.

JW: That’s right, precisely.

LP: That’s great…Do you feel that this is a successful conference? How do you feel about it?

JW: …the truth?.,, Yeah, I think…so far, I’ve really liked what I’ve seen. I think there’s a good spirit here, and I think a lot’s been accomplished. I think today’s going to be a little bit better than yesterday; maybe we’ll get a little bit more done. And yeah, I think it’s successful so far…yeah.

LP: Do you think it will have any lasting impact in South Carolina?

JW: Yeah, I do. I think there’s a unity here. People are starting to get unified over what the issues are. And start–people are voicing their opinions, I think that’s the most important thing, and I just think the unity here is great.

LP: Thank you so—

End of Interview