Leah Evans

Interviewee: Leah G. Evans
IWY SC 580    

Interviewer:  Elaine Mayo Paul
Date: June 10-11, 1977

Leah G. Evans, of Bishopville, South Carolina, was encouraged to attend the state IWY conference by the Department of Social Services. Interview includes discussion of Evans’ positive impression of the conference and her appreciation of a speech on slavery and family history. She noted that the tone of the conference was positive and friendly.

Sound Recording



Elaine Mayo Paul: Would you tell me your name, please.

Leah Evans: My name is Leah Evans.

EP: And where do you come from, please?

LE: Bishopville, South Carolina.

EP: Bishopville, South Carolina…and would you tell me why you came?

LE: Well, I was sent here by the Social Services…

EP: …And you’re in a group here?…

LE: No, I’m not.

EP: Would you tell me….what you really expected out of this conference? What were your expectations?

LE: Well…it’s like I say, I don’t know too much about it…because it’s my first time, you know, being at this conference…

EP: Have you enjoyed it?

LE: I really have enjoyed it…I have, very…and really I have enjoyed the speakers…I saw yesterday, about this lady, talking about slavery, and her grandmother, and all that…

EP:  Uh-huh…and what do you think the conference is going to accomplish?…What do you hope for, from this conference?

LE: (pause)  …now, I’m…you’ve got to cut it off…

(recording stops and restarts)

EP: What did you say: the thing you like most?…

LE: The thing I like most is: everybody’s friendly, and everybody’s getting together, and this thing is like we’re all in one family….so, it’s real friendly, and I really have enjoyed it.

EP: So you think it’s really been a benefit to you?

LE: I really think it’s been a result…

EP:  And you’ll go back and tell Social Services what?…

LE:  I sure will…I’ll go back and tell—I’m gonna tell everything—dining room and all that…and the food, and the people, and the speech…oh, I have so much to tell ‘em about when I go back…

EP:  Good! Well, thank you very much!

End of Interview