Marguerite King

Interviewee: Marguerite King
IWY SC 623

Interviewer: Elaine Mayo Paul
Date: June 10-11, 1977

Marguerite King was from Rock Hill, South Carolina and a member of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). King attended the conference for information as well as “inspiration and challenge.” At the time of the conference, King had been active in the women’s movement for three years. King was also interested in representing retired individuals and encouraging them to remain active in politics.

Sound Recording


Elaine Paul: And your name please?

Marguerite King: Marguerite King.

EP: Marguerite King?

MK: Uh-huh.

EP: And you’re from?

MK: Rock Hill.

EP: Rock Hill.

MK: South Carolina.

EP: And I understand you’re President of the Retired Persons?

MK: American Association of Retired Persons. (Unintelligible at 0:15) Chapter 1416.

EP: Will you be on the panel tomorrow?

MK: No, not on any panel. Came down purely for information, inspiration, and challenge.

EP: (Laughter) Well, I have to commend you for that. Well tell me, when did you first become interested in women’s issues?

MK: We went to, three years ago, we went to Washington to the National Democratic Women’s Conference. A little bit was being talked then, you see, and we heard a little bit about that. And from time to time I’d get something in the mail and I became interested in it because it’s an organization that has potential for doing things, accomplishing things. I don’t like to waste my time, things that are not worth my while.

EP: Beautiful, beautiful. And you’re devoted to the idea of keeping all these retired people staying alive and long as they live, right?

MK: Absolutely, and involved in political affairs all the way down the line because they owe it to themselves. They owe it to the generations that are coming, because they have the experience. They have the foresight and so many of them have worked in high places in government and they have a great contribution to make.

EP: And you’re tired of letting them be relegated to the corner?

MK: Absolutely.

EP: Oh, you are beautiful. Thank you so much.


End of Interview