Rene Neuffer

Interviewee:   Rene Neuffer
IWY SC 655

Interviewer:     Saznette P. Fleming
Date: June 10-11, 1977

Rene Neuffer, 22, attended the conference to learn about the International Women’s Year conferences and to participate. Neuffer was from Columbia, South Carolina. Neuffer planned to vote on each resolution.

Sound Recording



Saznette P. Fleming: Ok, now we have?

Rene Neuffer: Rene Neuffer.

SF: Miss Rene?

RN: Yes, Miss Rene Neuffer.

SF: Ok, would you like to tell me your purpose for being here today?

RN: I would just like to be able to see what goes on in . . . I’ve never been to a National Women’s Year thing before, and . . . to see what goes on, and what they vote on, and what, like, take part in it.

SF: Yeah, you want to know . . . in other words, you want to know what, uh, what International Womens Year’s are about.

RN: Yes.

SF: And if you like them and everything.

RN: To vote on the resolutions, and everything – whichever ones come out. I mean, I’ve come out to vote on them, and everything.

SF: So, you’re really here for enlightenment?

RN: Yeah. Ok.

SF: Is there anything else that you would like to add?

RN: No. Just to vote on everything, the issue that comes up.

SF: Ok, uh, for historical purposes, would you like to include your age?

RN: I’m twenty-two years old.

SF: And you’re from?

RN: Columbia, South Carolina.

SF: Ok, thank you very much.

RN: Thank you.

End of Interview