Sara Friedman

Interviewee: Sara Friedman
IWY SC 591
Interviewer: Rachael Myers
Date: June 10-11, 1977

Sara Friedman, from Columbia, South Carolina, attended the state IWY conference to learn about how other women were organizing. Although Friedman does not state her profession, she does say she works to expand services for women, including drug abuse and alcohol counseling. Friedman served as the workshop leader for the Mental Health and Counseling workshop and was not formally affiliated with any women’s organizations.

Sound Recording



Rachael Myers: Okay, what is your name?

Sara Friedman: Sara Friedman.

RM: And where are you from?

SF: From Columbia.

RM: And your address?

SF: 3438 Blossom Street, Columbia.

RM: And what is your purpose in attending this Conference?

SF: Well to listen and see what some other women are thinking and doing. And also I’ve been working in my own professional area to get expanded services for women, which is in the alcohol and drug abuse area. I’ve been working on that for about a year and a half now. And also I was planning to come anyway today and I got a call yesterday that one of the workshop resource persons had cancelled out, and so someone called me to sub for ‘em, so I’m also here in a more official capacity than I expected.

RM: What workshop is that going to be?

SF: It’ll be the Mental Health and Counseling workshop.

RM: Okay, what kind of issues do you expect to learn more information in and to…

SF: To learn, you mean why I’m here. I don’t know that I have anything specific, you know, in mind. I really don’t think I have a, I’m not affiliated with any women’s organizations and I think…

End of Interview