Sarah Gobel

Interviewee: Sarah Gobel
IWY  SC 599
Interviewer: Constance A. Myers
Date: June 1977

Sarah Gobel was from Charleston and heard about the conference from local media in the area. She attended the conference because of an interest in “all Americans” and women’s issues broadly. Gobel was most interested in the workshops on internationalism because she was in opposition to a “one world government” and hoped to voice her concerns.

Sound Recording



Connie Myers: Your name is Ms. Sarah…

Sarah Gobel: Sarah, Miss Sarah Gobel

CM: Gobel. Where are you from, Miss Gobel?

SG: Charleston.

CM: Oh, you came all the way up here from Charleston. Where do you live in Charleston?

SG: I live west of the Ashley.

CM: Do you? What street?

SG: Carriage Lane, Plantation Apartments.

CM: How is it that you heard about this conference?

SG: Well, it’s been in the newspapers, television.

CM: Has it? In Charleston?

SG: In the media, yes.

CM: And you thought it was important enough to come all the way for.

SG: Yes, I did.

CM: Tell me why.

SG: Well, because I’m interested in women. I’m interested in all Americans because, I mean, that’s what we should all be working for, ah, is America.

CM: Right. How did you first become aware that there were women’s issues, specially? Apart from overall issues or men’s issues or just women’s issues.

SG: Well, I think that men and women both are American citizens and they’re just part and if we’re interested in women then we’re interested in all Americans because if what’s good for women is good for everybody.

CM: I agree with you. What issues are you particularly interested in at this conference? That is, what workshops do you think you’ll be attending? Or have you attended?

SG: Well, I would like to get over there to that “International Interdependence” but so far I haven’t.

CM: Why are you especially interested in that one?

SG: Well…

CM: You have an interest.

SG: Well, in the first place I’m very much opposed to one world government.

CM: Oh yes.

SG: And, um, I…

CM: You want to voice your opinion.

SG: I want to voice objections to that.

CM: Okay, this is what this meeting’s for isn’t it?

SG: Yes, it is.

CM: About the national slate of recommendations. I guess you read the slate.

SG: Yes, I have.

CM: What do you think might be the personal consequences in your life of this meeting and the meetings being held in other states?

SG: Well, I really haven’t had time to evaluate the answer to that. I don’t know. I would certainly hope that a responsible group of women…

End of Interview