Virginia Grose

Interviewee: Virginia M. Grose
IWY SC 603
Interviewer:  Elaine Paul
Date: June 10-11, 1977

Virginia Gross served as Vice President of South Carolina National Bank. She also did graphic design work. She designed the program materials for the South Carolina IWY conference. The interview includes discussion of: the South Carolina IWY conference; Gross’s career in public relations, advertising, and banking; her hopes for the conference and what IWY would contribute to the women’s movement.

Sound Recording



Elaine Paul: Name?

Virginia Grose: Virginia Grose

EP: Virginia Grose, and what do you do Mrs. Grose?

VG: I’m Vice President of South Carolina National Bank.

EP: Really?! I’m glad you’re not too busy to come look after International Women’s Year.

VG: And I also designed the material for International Women’s Year.

EP: It is just perfect. It really is. What do you expect to—what do you hope we’re going to gain from this conference?

VG: I hope that we will gain a greater recognition of what our barriers really are and be able to formulate some positive action to make them fall. And I think by listening to people like Alice Galdwin that may be possible.

EP: You feel that we are accomplishing something?

VG: Oh I think it’s very worthwhile.

EP: Thus far, how would you evaluate the conference up to this point?

VG: It’s difficult for me to evaluate it as a casual observer, having worked with the committee, and knowing how much has gone into it.

EP: Are you one of the committee members?

VG: No, I’m not one of the committee members, but I was hired to do the graphic design in the program, and I met with the committee. So I know how much has gone into it, so it’s hard for me to be casual about it. I have to say, yes, I’m excited about the number of people who are here already, the diversity of people that are here already, which is something that the committee strove very hard for. And the general up to this point enthusiasm.

EP: Would you —I know you’re in a big hurry; you said three minutes. But could you tell me a little bit about how you got where you are because it wasn’t easy. This is a time where you can tell problems that other women are interested in. If you could tell us a little bit about the struggle —or was it just easy?

VG: I don’t think doing anything worthwhile is ever easy, whether you’re a man or a woman. I don’t think the barriers in employment have perhaps been as difficult for me as they have been for some people. I went to work for the bank in the public relations and advertising department, and left and came back and worked in market research and became head of public relations, and then was named Vice President and Administrator of Corporate Responsibility.

EP: It sounds like a very meaningful, satisfying career, and I know you’re in a hurry, so I’m thanking you very much.

VG: You’re welcome.

End of Interview