Zane Wilson

Interviewee: Zane Wilson
IWY SC 701

Interviewer: Constance Ashton Myers
Date: June 10-11, 1977

Zane Wilson, of Florence, South Carolina, had been interested in the IWY conferences since the Mexico City conference of 1975. She decided to attend the South Carolina IWY conference after receiving a flyer in the mail. Interview includes discussion of Wilson’s concern that the pro-ERA and anti-ERA forces would clash at the conference and her hope that the attendees could still come together over some other issues. She believed that the Equal Rights Amendment could help improve the status of women in South Carolina.

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Zane Wilson: Zane Wilson, like Zane Gray.

Constance Ashton Myers: Where do you live?

ZW: I live in Florence.

CM: What is your address?

ZW: Route 3, Box 238 A.

CM: Why do you think that this conference is a meaningful thing? What brought you here?

ZW: Well, I got a thing in the mail about it and I didn’t even know there was gonna be one. I remember when they had the International meeting in Mexico City and I wanted very much to go to that, but. And when I found out they were having one here I just thought I would come.

CM: Do you expect to have any direct result in your own life, any consequence from your having been here? Are you coming to observe or do you want to achieve something specific?

ZW: I hope we can learn something here and put something together. I’m a little afraid of what’s liable to happen between the ERA and the anti-ERA forces, but. I would hope that we could get together on these things.

CM: After all the Equal Rights Amendment has already gone through the federal government and this is a, it’s up to the states now. So that shouldn’t even be a specific issue at this point.

ZW: No, it shouldn’t, but I’m afraid it’s gonna be. I just don’t know. But I would hope that we could get together on some things. There are a lot of, specifically South Carolina laws, that if we can get an Equal Rights Amendment that might would help the situation of women and the position of women.

CM: Have you read the National Slate of Recommendations yet? It’s in your book, To Form a More Perfect Union that’s in your packet. If you just got here you probably haven’t looked at those yet, but there’re many, many other issues in addition.

ZW: Yes.

CM: Do you have anything in particular that you support, beside that one measure that you’d like to see promoted?

ZW: Well, I, not specifically relating to women, no. Not right now.

CM: Well, I hope that you find this Conference meaningful. Maybe I can talk to you again or maybe one of us will be able to talk to you again toward the end of the Conference and you can give us an evaluation.

ZW: Okay.

CM: Thank you.

ZW: Thank you.

End of Interview