Sombrero tower, South of the Border, South Carolina

In 1963, Kline built what would become the world’s tallest structure: KTHI-TV broadcast tower in Fargo, North Dakota, as recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records at a height of 2,063 feet (see poster at bottom of this page). Four years prior to that, in 1959, Kline also built the world’s tallest tower to date, the WGAN-TV broadcast tower in Portland, Maine.

Other notable towers include South Carolina’s well-known South of the Border Tower (see image left), the Sutro broadcast tower in San Francisco, California,  a fixture of the city’s skyline for decades, and the antenna array atop the World Trade Center built by Kline Iron & Steel in 1972. It was destroyed during the  Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Bernard Kline at the WTOC-TV tower construction site in Savannah, Georgia ca. 1972 with numerous assembled tower sections in the background

KTHI-TV broadcasting tower in Fargo, South Dakota

List of Tower Projects by Kline (click here)