How to Share your Story

Voices of SC: Black Lives Matter would love to preserve and make your experiences available to the wider community. Before donating, we want you to be fully aware of how these materials will and could potentially be used. We strongly encourage you to read The Blackivists’ Five Tips for Donating Your Materials before donating or agreeing to an interview. Consider donating images which show a large crowd rather than close-ups of individuals, unless it is of yourself or you have permission from the subjects, or use an image scrubber to blur faces. Take special consideration before donating any images or content that show activities that could be used against the subjects. While the project organizers will do their utmost diligence in determining which materials should not be posted publicly, there is always a small possibility that a record could be subpoenaed

The following types of materials will be accepted: 

  • Photos (of signs, posters, protests, large groups, t-shirts, etc.), videos, artwork, and music
  • Screenshots of social media posts, and other digital storytelling formats
  • Journal entries, poetry, and any other writings
  • Audio memoirs and oral history interviews.

Content must be contributed by individuals living in or associated with South Carolina. At this time, content should be related to the protests following the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement beginning in May 2020. Content must not include any personal or identifying information, including close-up photographs of individuals, unless you have documented permission from all subjects. Contributors must hold the copyright of the submitted material. Individual files must be less than 1 GB.