Tell your Story

We are seeking people who are willing to share their experiences during the protests and within the larger ongoing movement.

These will be recorded interviews using remote interview methods to ensure the safety of students and participants during the pandemic. Depending on your access to different types of technology, we may suggest an interview using Zoom, Skype, Webex, or phone.

Each interview will be transcribed, and each participant will be asked to sign a release form to allow access and preservation of the interview and, if possible, to send us a photo of yourself, family, etc. Only sign the release form once the interview is done and you are comfortable with your experience.

By documenting the experiences of the SC community in the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement, this project will ensure that the unique voices and complex stories of SC are preserved and illuminated in a highly visible digital format. Making these experiences accessible to the wider community will allow for a greater understanding of the movement. The stories and experiences of South Carolina activists matter and should be a visible, easily accessible part of current and historical collections.

We hope you will consider participating. If so, please email us and we will look forward to scheduling a day/time for the interview convenient to your schedule.

Schedule an Oral History