About the Project

This collection highlights the lives and experiences of American veterans who now call South Carolina home. Most major military conflicts including World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan are represented in the collection, as are all branches of the U.S. military. The veteran interviewees range in age from 34 to 95. Some are South Carolina natives, while others came to the state as part of their service or as retirees. A number of veterans who participated in this project are alumni of the University of South Carolina, Wofford College, or Clemson University. Interviewees include colonels and reservists, women and men of color, veterans with disabilities, Jewish veterans, nurses, and more.


About the Course

First collected in Fall 2018 as part of an undergraduate Honors College oral history course at the University of South Carolina, the interviews contain conversations between students and veterans with close attention to life histories as well as memories of military service. Andrea L’Hommedieu, director of the Department of Oral History at the University of South Carolina, guided twenty students as they learned the theory, methodology, and best practices of oral history. Students applied their knowledge through fieldwork by conducting an interview with a veteran, transcribing the interview, and creating a final project presenting the interview in the broad context of twentieth century history. Learn more about the course in “The Sounds of History,” by Megan Sexton.


Moving Forward

The South Carolina Veterans Oral History Project created a foundation for preserving and sharing veterans’ stories. We hope this encourages the collection of more stories of those who give their service to our country. Contact Andrea L’Hommedieu to schedule an interview: alhomme@mailbox.sc.edu


Contact Information

Thomas Cooper Library 

1322 Greene St, Columbia, SC 29208

Director of the Department of Oral History

Andrea L' Hommedieu