Moving Image Research Collections needs your help to fund the U.S. Marine Corps Film Repository and make this rich, historic archive of Marine Corps history freely available online.

Through your contributions, MIRC will develop an online, digital film library that students, researchers, historians, veterans and their families can watch and also contribute information to, forming a permanent, crowdsourced repository of Marine Corps history.

To save and share the entire historic film archive, MIRC must raise funds to:

  • Purchase specialized equipment for digitization
  • Hire and pay staff to review, interpret and catalog the vast collection
  • Fund the construction of databases, web portals and web servers to host the videos
  • Provide ongoing technological and web-based support to ensure the collection remains accessible

When you donate to the U.S. Marine Corps Film Fund, you ensure future generations have access to American and military history at their fingertips.


Donation and Sponsorship

You can donate to this project in any amount. No donation is too small. One hundred percent of the funds received go toward preserving the U.S. Marine Corps Film Repository.

From funding the cost of an archival-quality film container, to supporting a student employee position, or sponsoring an endowment to ensure the film archive remains accessible for generations to come, every dollar has great impact.


Sustaining Partners

This project began without a dollar to support its ongoing needs. Today, several partners have joined the effort to sustain this project. We need to find additional individuals, corporations, and foundations to help fill the gaps with our remaining long-term funding needs.

Multi-year recurring gifts of $1,000, $2,000, $5,000 and above will add up to ensure the sustainability of the Marine Corps films.


Give Now

It is important that you give now. Timing is critical. The Marines who served our country in the 20th century are aging. Their memories – a vital source of context for these films – will soon be lost.

You may contact our development staff to customize a gift, support digitization of specific films, provide funding for acquisition of software or hardware, contribute to the endowment, or learn about naming opportunities.