Oral History Interviews

James H. Davis and John S. Davis U.S. Marine Corps Oral History Collection
Department of Oral History at University of South Carolina Libraries

The oral history interviews in this collection seek to tell the story of Lt. Col. James H. Davis and his brother, John Sherwood Davis, by sharing recollections and experiences of those who knew or served with them. Family members, college friends, and fellow Marines have been interviewed, and those interviews form the foundation of ongoing efforts to preserve the stories and experiences of those who served our country.

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Cecil Craig “This was a small southern town, Jamestown, and my grandmother [Stella Grady] was the post mistress, she ran the post office. And my grandfather [Arthur Grady] was a forest ranger; he graded trees for forest companies to cut.”

Cousin of James and John

Chris Davis “And he wasn’t classically trained in any art as far as I know. He just had a knack for art, so he was always a very good sketch artist. I think his passion and somewhat of a meditative form of release for him as a kid was stained glass. He did a lot of stained glass work.”

Son of James

Don Sanders “I got drafted in ’68. Jim joined and the day we were supposed to graduate in June of ’67, Jim wore a peace symbol around his neck in college, he was a pacifist. In speaking he was a pacifist. Jim Davis, in his heart and in his soul, is a warrior, an absolute warrior. From the first time I met him he was a military buff; anything about the military he was interested in. But he never got involved politically as being pro-war during Vietnam. I never heard one thing about that, it was like, wonder if this thing’s going to be over. But Jim was ready to fight at a moment’s notice for his country or for Jim.”

Friend of James and John