Parris Island Historical and Museum Society

The Parris Island Historical and Museum Society has offered its generous support of  the  U.S. Marine Corps Film Repository initiative since inception by connecting MIRC staff with individuals, organizations and funding opportunities.

The Society supports the Parris Island Museum and its mission to exhibit and interpret the long, rich legacy of the Marine Corps and the pivotal and expansive history of the Port Royal region. The Society also provides for the preservation, perpetuation, publication and display of manuscripts, books, relics, pictures and other objects of historical significance to the Marine Corps.

Through its memberships, donations, and gift shop purchases, the Society has provided support for the Parris Island Museum operations and acquisitions, scholarships, guest speakers for the Depot professional military education program, tours and volunteers to promote the understanding of Marine Corps and Parris Island history, and the Living History Detachment, which provides classes to Marine recruits and the general public.

In July 2018, PIHMS presented MIRC a $200,000 check at the Beaufort Water Festival to fund two positions for two years solely dedicated to digitizing the U.S. Marine Corps Film Repository.

Visit the Parris Island Museum online to learn more about the Society, visiting the museum, and additional opportunities to support its mission.