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The U.S. Marine Corps Film Repository is a growing, online film archive that connects students, families, researchers, historians and veterans to American history through the power of the moving image.

While MIRC staff have the expertise to preserve and digitize these films, this is an ambitious project, and they need the help of organizations and individuals like you.



MIRC is seeking veterans and historians to watch the Marine Corps films online and provide additional descriptive information. Identifying Marines by unit or by name whenever possible enriches the historical value of these videos. Sometimes films lack even the most basic information, such as location and approximate date.

You can do this now. Visit the Watch the Filmssection at this website, click on individual videos and click the Submit Information link to tell us what you know about the film.

Information verified by MIRC staff can become a permanent, searchable part of the U.S. Marine Corps Film Repository — accessible for generations to come.



Veteran and civilian volunteers are already making a difference. Whether they are preparing films for digitization or describing their contents, MIRC is grateful for their commitment to this project.

For more information on volunteering at MIRC, contact Greg Wilsbacher, curator of the U.S. Marine Corps Film Repository, at 803-777-5556 or by emailing



The U.S. Marine Corps Film Repository is seeking funding at all levels. No amount is too small.

Donate now online.

Call Beth Well at 803-777-1909, or email to learn more.