Watch the Films
  • USMC 100002: Ceremonies for Women Marines
    Women Marine’s parade, including Pass and Review with presentation of the colors, at Camp Pendleton. Close ups of some enlisted women (sergeants) with an unidentified woman Major as well as an unidentified major general and colonel. First Division band accompanies. Possible graduation ceremony. Integrated troops on parade and in band; Colors flown are the 48-state flag.
    Camp Pendleton (Calif.)
  • USMC 100003: Mobile artillery training
    Marines train with mobile field artillery stateside.
  • USMC 100006: Flight operations on the USS Forrestal
    Launch and recovery operations aboard USS Forrestal (CV-59) off the Virginia Capes. Suitability trials for F-11 Tiger, F-8 Crusader; A3D-1 Skywarrior, and F4D-1 Skyray aircraft.
    Virginia Capes
  • USMC 100008: Test of unmanned drone
    Unmanned aerial drone with jet-assisted take-off (JATO) tested. Drone model is probably a Teledyne Ryan AQM-34. Also includes shots of civilian and military VIPs at unidentified air station. This sequence is followed by a short sequence of film showing the loading of cargo in a harbor. American flag (48 states) indicates this last sequence was made prior to 1959.
  • USMC 100009: Armor and infantry train at Fort Belvoir
    HR 25 Transportation Engineer Equip., Fort Belvoir, VA. Scenes show tanks and infantry training. Also note XM-40 helicopter. Sequence followed by film from Korea, winter scenes of tanks fording a river and Marines walking ridgelines; this additional material may date from earlier in the decade.
    Fort Belvoir (Va.); Korea
  • USMC 100012: A-3D aviation tests
    Test film of U. S. Navy Douglas A-3D Skywarrior probably at Muroc Dry Lake (now Edwards Air force Base). Multiple shots of take offs and landings with in-flight films from a chase plane. Ends with a clip of a Soviet jet bomber, Ilyushin IL-28.
    Rogers Lake (Kern County, Calif.); Edwards Air Force Base
  • USMC 100014: Operation Strongback
    Footage is from ""Operation Strongback"" (PHIBLEX 58M) in March 1958 as well as a aviation demonstration event from September 1958. Scenes include WV3 Super Constellation, F35s, UH34D, Douglass A-3D Skywarriors, Sky Hawks, F8As, TF95 Cougars. On land, scenes include Marines reading maps. Also shown is the attack transport, APA-31 ""Monrovia"". Presence of Marine One (HMX-1) helicopter and press corps suggest VIPs may be present.
  • USMC 100016: Airfield construction in the Pacific
    Air base in the Pacific being built by the 37th Naval Construction Battalion (Seabees). Unidentified base in completed state with P-40s (Australian) and F4U Corsairs landing. Also contains films shot aboard the USS Randolph (CV-15) operating in the 1950s with jet aircraft.
  • USMC 100018: Base construction in the Pacific
    Pacific island base with airstrip and fuel depot under construction. A separate film shows a close up of the nose of "Peg O' My Heart", part of a flight of Navy R4Ds. Location and date of both films are unidentified.
  • USMC 100020: Testing sidewinder missiles
    Test of sidewinder missiles (R-10, X-23, X-27, X30A) taken at the Navy Ordinance Test Station, Inyokern, China Lake, CA. Films made between September 1953 and February 1954.
    China Lake (Calif.)