Creating a Better Way to Learn (CBWL)

The Catesby Centre is all about getting people excited about Mark Catesby and natural history, especially students.

SCETV hosts a series of six project-based learning (PBL) lesson plans that are based on the results of Mark Catesby’s own research and illustrations.

These lesson plans are geared toward students in third, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. The plans are available as part of ETV’s South Carolina Know It All website and PBS LearningMedia websites.

CBWL and Dance

Our CBWL PBL lesson plans were first envisioned as part of STEM-based course work. So even we were surprised when a College of Charleston dance educator introduced CBWL to a class of receptive third-graders who learned how to bring Catesby’s concepts alive through dance.


Creating a Better Way to Learn with Walter Edgar’s Journal

Dr. Walter Edgar talks about about Mark Catesby’s legacy, the Catesby Trust, and Creating a Better Way to Learn with Frances Welch (Dean of the College of Charleston’s School of Education), David Elliott (Director of the Catesby Centre), and Dean Byrd of SCETV.

Listen now (52 minutes)

Recorded January 2017