Mark Catesby’s Legacy: Natural History Then and Now

Mark Catesby’s Legacy answers a question every Catesby enthusiast must at some point ask: “What has become of the natural world Catesby so uniquely chronicled in the early 18th century?” This is a question that co-authors M.J. Brush and Alan H. Brush are qualified to address. Like Catesby, they have traveled throughout the Carolinas, Florida and Bahamas—primarily by sailboat—to describe and paint many of the plants and animals featured in Catesby’s magisterial work.

Mark Catesby’s Natural History: An Introduction

With hundreds of copies sold so far, this book is the perfect introduction to Mark Catesby—artist, scientist, and explorer. It provides an overview of Catesby’s travels as he explored southeastern North America before the land was extensively populated by Europeans. The beautifully illustrated pages introduce Catesby‘s genius to anyone curious about the natural world. Catesby’s original work was first published in 1731, a century before John James Audubon‘s Birds of America, was properly described by a knowledgeable contemporary as “the most magnificent work I know of since the art of printing has been discover’d.” This book is a splendid introduction for all those who still love to explore.

The Curious Mister Catesby

A landmark book filled with introspective and concise essays, each developed with a richness of detail, revealing the portrait of a self-taught artist from Suffolk who had an insatiable curiosity about nature. The winner of the 1996 Literature Award of the Council on Botanical Horticultural Libraries, this classic is an engaging introduction to Catesby’s timeless illustrations and to his keen observation of the natural world. The authors reveal new insight into Catesby, his journeys, his peers, and the inexhaustible pursuit of botanical and zoological specimens in an eighteenth-century world.